Quickly fixed whole foods super meal.
The ultimate meal for abundance of energy and good mood

Grain free
For diabetics

What is Zivabowl?
A quickly made meal full of health.

Wholesome meals are irreplaceable if we want to lead vital lives and be in a good mood. Many a times preparing such meals presents a real challenge because of increasingly fast pace of life. This is why we need a meal which can be quickly prepared and contains only wholesome and unprocessed ingredients in their base form as mother nature has created them.

Zivabowl meal is all this and much more. It is vegan friendly, suitable for diabetics and various LCHF and keto diets. It contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids which function anti-inflammatory and fibres which we often lack in our diet.

Why do we need Zivabowl?
A perfect meal when we are short of time or have no possibility to cook.

Zivabowl is handy and quick to make wholesome meal made of unprocessed ingredients. It is the perfect solution for when we want to save money and time, as well as enjoy good food and invest into ourselves. Zivabowl is the right choice if you wish to improve the quality of your nutrition, lose weight, lower the intake of meat products and increase the intake of fibre …

What do customers say about Zivabowl meals?
»No more worries with the preparation of healthy meals and snacks.«
»Being on a diet is now much easier.«
»Life no longer surprises me, now I always have a tasty and wholesome meal handy and ready to make.«

Why Zivabowl?


No added

Zivabowl meal does not considerably increase the level of blood sugar and in this way provides a stable energy level and a healthy gastrointestinal microbiota, also known as gut flora.

Source of

Zivabowl meal contains a full range of essential proteins, which are completely unprocessed, found in its basic form as mother nature has created them.


Zivabowl meal contains no grains and a low level of carbohydrates. It is suitable for everyone who is avoiding gluten but not appropriate for those with severe celiac disease.


Zivabowl meal is rich in soluble dietary fibres (beta-glucans) which are scientifically proved to be regulating the blood cholesterol levels, which has also been confirmed by EFSA - European Food Safety Authority.


High levels of

Omega 3 fatty acids with regard to its source (animal or vegetable) act anti-inflammatory – inflammations are the main reason of all prevalent chronical diseases.


Zivabowl meal is a quality, nutritious meal ready in a single minute. This is one of the best solutions for us to stay true to our healthy dietary values and habits despite the fast-pace lives we are leading.

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Zivabowl - Preparation
Fast and easy

Zivabowl meals make it possible for us to have a quality and wholesome meal ready in one single minute. We add a few spoons of water or any other fluid of our choice to Zivabowl. It can also be prepared with cow or vegetable milk, animal or coconut yogurt, Greek yogurt, kephir, juice, kombucha, coffee, tea… So, despite our fast-paced lives, we remain true to our healthy life principles.

Unprocessed ingredients
Sustainable, organic and unprocessed ingredients, rich in nutrients which we most frequently lack (omega-3 fatty acids and fiber)

Zivabowl meal is a carefully selected mixture of ingredients (seeds, nuts, berries and spices) of organic production which are all unprocessed, so that their high nutritional value is preserved.

Zivabowl meal, owing to hemp seeds, provides the full spectrum of all essential amino acids and a high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids. The seeds and berries are rich in minerals and vitamins we need for a vital and satisfying life.

My mission
My wish is to create simple, high-quality, quickly ready meals for physical and mental well-being.

We are committed to returning to the foods that mother nature has created for us. These are the foods that have proven to best support our well-being, optimal development and productivity. We are dedicated to the care of our planet and have high production standards.