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About me …

Hi! My name is Živa and I wish to live a long and healthy life. Just as we all doi 🙂

In high school my self-esteem and health were very poor and then purely by accident traditional Chinese medicine crossed my path. It impressed me greatly in so many ways. It made the biggest impression on me in realizing how greatly nutrition can influence my physical and mental health. And even today it still manages to positively surprise.

After Nike was born and I had to return to a stressful and remotely located job, I often run out of time for preparing myself a balanced meal. All worn out and exhausted I have decided to look into the possibilities of how to lift one’s energy levels and started creating a meal which would actually support me in my daily efforts.

I wish to always have a nourishing meal (not just empty calories) at hand, regardless of the situations life decides to throw at me.

My work …

I create quickly ready-to-eat super meals and look after your well-being despite the fast pace lives we are living today.

There is no greater joy but feeling abundance of energy within. This is why ZIVABOWL was created.

Hippocrates (gr. Hipócrates), the father of western medicine already 400 B.C. said: “Let food be thy medicine.” Due to our fast pace of lives we need to find ways for preparing quality and nourishing meals quickly.

Zivabowl is a functional meal which not only contains all standard nourishing qualities but also acts positively in preventing chronical illnesses. A common characteristic of illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease is a chronical inflammation. The frequent occurrence of all these diseases in modern society is screaming for change, a change in our diet habits and it is forcing us to return to a simpler, more basic way of nourishment. We need to go back to unprocessed food which has not been sprayed with chemicals, back to the food mother nature has created for us.

The second well-known saying by Hippocrates reads: “All disease begins in the gut.”

Therefore, Zivabowl meals provide a high level of fibre or prebiotics and low levels of sugar to meet this important need of looking after our microbiome. The scientists have been paying increased attention to this group of macrobiotics over the past years, since the connection between their function and our physical and mental health is increasingly becoming more and more obvious.

This is also where the slogan comes from:
“The ultimate meal for abundance of energy and good mood”

Personally I am …

In my private life I am Nika’s mother and Andrej’s fiancé. 🙂

I enjoy in simple family life and interesting conversations. In a person I am always attracted to the frequency of values. I am fascinated by life and eager to broaden my horizons.


Scientists today agree that the root cause in majority of Cronic diseses like ………………………… is cronic inflamation. That is why in our products  we only use ingredients with anti-inflamatory proprieties. Vital for our brain health… omega 3, absence of refined sugars, refined oils, and refined grains…

More information on this topic can be found in our blog and masterclasses.


Inflammation is also the root cause of rapid aging and anti-inflammatory foods is the base for anti-ageing diets. And because refined sugar, oils and flour  cause most inflamation we do not use them in our products. Instead we use ingredients with highly anti-inflamatory proprietis like Omega 3, tumeric, berryes… antioxidants, anti-inflammatory (energy and immunity), prebiotics – gut lining… supporting mitochondria


Our energy is produced by our cell mitohondria. Science now knows that mitohondria can be build stronger and that we can grow more of them to achive high energy and performance. But in order to achive that we need enough of quality fat, protein, nutrients, detox, absence of inflammation…


Science from last ten years is clear – our microbiome is vital. Our microbiome produces  30 neurotransmiters, comunicates with our imune sistem, produces certain vitamines, and has big influence on our mental health through gut brain axes.

More information on this topic can be found in our blog and masterclasses.


It is normal for our blood sugar to fluctuate, but big and often spikes are toxic and contribute to rapid aging and diseses. That is why our Zivabowl products dont create blood sugar spikes… This is also vital for our brain health…


While short intended stress like excercise is makeing us stronger throo hormeses, chronic stress is killing us… that is why we want to make healthy eating conwenient and stress free…

We want you to have no reason not to use our products and do enormous good for yourself, the planet, and the community you serve. So our mission is to create products that are quickly prepared and incredibly tasty.