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This isn't diet-food.
It is functional food for your brain, heart, gut, and vibrant skin.

Functional food is food that has additional health-promoting benefits beyond its traditional nutritional value. This definition includes foods and products that have been shown through research to have positive effects on physical and/or mental health, either by improving it or by preventing certain chronic diseases.

Zivabowl meal is exactly that. We all want to eat healthier because we know fast, processed food makes havoc on our health. And we know that in the same way, nutrient-dense and functional foods can strengthen our health.

Zivabowl gives us more energy (not robbing us of it), it is a meal full of quality, wholesome ingredients, and no denaturalized ones. It is vegan-friendly, and suitable for various LCHF and keto diets. It contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and fibers, which we lack.

Zivabowl is an investment into ourselves if you wish to improve the quality of your life, and healthspan, lose weight, lower blood sugar, prevent chronic disease, lower the intake of meat, increase the intake of fiber…

Why do we need Zivabowl?
To keep a healthy lifestyle, even when we are short of time.

We all want to eat healthier because we know fast, processed food makes havoc on our health. And we know that in the same way, nutrient-dense foods can strengthen our health. But many times preparing such meals presents a real challenge because of the increasingly fast pace of life.

This is why we need a meal which is handy (suits in every bag), delicious and can be prepared in a minute.

What do customers say about Zivabowl meals?

»Now my healthy lifestyle is much easier to get.«

»Life no longer surprises me, I always have a tasty and wholesome meal at hand.«

»It is perfect for everyone who cares for themselves.«

Why Zivabowl?


No added sugar

By avoiding sudden spikes in blood sugar, you can enjoy a stable energy level throughout the day and support a healthy gut microbiome.


Source of proteins

Zivabowl meals are packed with essential proteins in their purest form, as nature intended. 

Grain free

Grain free

Zivabowl is a grain-free and low-carb meal. It’s gluten-free, but not recommended for severe celiac disease.

High-fibre content

High-fibre content

Zivabowl meal is rich in soluble dietary fibers (beta-glucans) which are proven to be regulating the blood cholesterol levels, which has also been confirmed by EFSA – European Food Safety Authority.

High levels of omega-3

High levels of omega-3

Omega 3 fatty acids (with no regard to their source – animal or vegetable) are crucial for our health.

Saves time

Zivabowl meal is a quality, nutritious meal ready in a single minute. This is one of the best solutions for us to stay true to our healthy dietary values and habits despite the fast-paced lives we are leading.

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Zivabowl – Preparation in 1 minute
Fast and easy

Zivabowl meals make it possible for us to have a quality and wholesome meal ready in one single minute. We add a few spoons of water or any other fluid of our choice to Zivabowl and that is it. It can be prepared with cow or vegetable milk, animal or coconut yogurt, Greek yogurt, kephir, juice, kombucha, coffee, tea… So, despite our fast-paced lives, we remain true to our healthy life principles.

Science of nuitrition
Science is now clear about what ages us rapidly and what keeps us healthy and youthful.

Luckily for us, our genes play a minor role and the most important factor is our lifestyle, what and when we eat, how much we move…

So while creating our Zivabowl products we are staying on top of all lates research on healthspan and you can reed all about it in our BLOG.


Fantastic mix! Quickly prepared, filling, and very tasty.
Tjaša Salamon Truden
Yesterday we tried Zivabowl for breakfast. Our hero has type 1 diabetes. The following pictures show his sugar levels at the beginning, after 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and one hour after breakfast... It was prepared with regular milk. This is ideal, as his insulin resistance is quite high in the morning, so we covered it normally, but it was still very good. And most importantly, he liked Zivabowl.
"Zivabowl is an excellent plant-based replacement for high-carb cereal that you can add to many foods, including desserts. The ingredients are all high quality and well-balanced. Suitable for all ages."
Wow! Fantastic product, with selected quality ingredients without excess carbs and divine taste. Today my boyfriend and I tried cocoa and blackcurrant for the first time, mmmm..... I will always have a handy pack with me to work for a snack or when I have a sugar dip. No more walks to the nearest vending machine for chocolates. Thank you for creating a healthy meal that is immediately prepared for us customers in this fast-paced life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Ana Zupančič @facebook
"Superfood for everyone who gives something of himself: extremely tasty and healthy at the same time, extremely simple to prepare anywhere&anytime, with various possible combinations. Definitely a great fit breakfast or snack that is always in my pantry."
Katarina Primožič
jstsm blaž
For my birthday, I received a whole package of all the flavors. And it's hard to choose just one, but let's say I give a slight advantage to the Raspberry flavor. I like it because it's a little sour. But I don't reject any flavor. They are all excellent. And what I like most is the quick and easy preparation. In fact, it's so quick that it's hard to call it preparation! And the packaging is practical with a nice design. On top of it all, it's also nutritious, healthy, and filling. I won't even start talking about the taste. I absolutely recommend it.
Hello! Your meal Zivabowl is very tasty! So tasty that I decided to write you this message. Zivabowl consists only of high-quality ingredients. It is a very tasty and healthy meal. We often eat it at home, and I have to say that I am really full and satisfied after it. It is prepared very quickly, and I enjoy it until the end. You can feel that the Zivabowl meal was made with love and effort. Keep up the good work!
Quotes_by_me_13 @instagram
"Great products, quickly satisfying, great feeling in the stomach - no bloating or discomfort, despite my high sensitivity to food. Considering that I am constantly on the go and it is difficult to eat healthily, Zivabowl (my favorite: blackcurrant 🙂 proves to be a great meal. Tasty and simple. I recommend it to anyone who is constantly on the move and finds it difficult to prepare a nutritious meal - even to those who have the time, but don't know what to eat :)"
Mimi Busancic

My mission
My mission is to create simple, high-quality, ready meals for optimal physical and mental performance.

We are committed to returning to the foods that mother nature has created for us. These are the foods that have proven to best support our well-being, optimal development, and productivity.

We are dedicated to the care of our planet and have high production standards.

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Here for you

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A practical gift

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